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Stages of Reading Development

Stages of Reading Development - getthemstarted

If you have a child or work with children of any age, it is helpful to know the developmental stages of reading. While development of any kind is going to vary from child to child, there are general guidelines of what to reasonably expect in terms of reading ability within age groups. Each stage of […]

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At What Age Do Kids Start Reading?

At What Age Do Kids Start Reading - getthemstarted

Parents and caregivers often worry if the development of their children is where it should be. Whether in regards to speech, potty training, coordination, or ability to get along with others, parents frequently wonder if their child is on track, and what they should be doing to help if not. Reading is a fundamental skill that […]

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When Do Kids Learn to Read

When Do Kids Learn to Read - getthemstarted

“When do kids learn to read?” is one of the commonly asked questions for new and upcoming parents, and those considering parenthood. The short answer is that every child will begin learning to read from as early as they learn to think. While the formal education comes years later, a child’s ability to conceptualize information […]

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